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Special Offers on Used Instruments

Please contact us directly for more details regarding special offers for used instruments including software. A selection of available units is shown below and are supplied a six-month warranty and fitted with new consumable components, e.g. lamps, pump seals etc.

HPLC Autosampler 560

Autosampler 560

The 560 Autosampler can operate as a fully integrated system without the need for additional controllers. Direct access via the integrated keyboard provides instant control of all functions. Direct control of two auxiliaries for column switching applications is also provided. Remote control from a chromatography data system such as Geminyx via a standard RS-232 interface allows complete integration into fully automated HPLC systems. High precision is achieved with filled loop injection.
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UVIKON 900 Spectrophotometer

Uvikon 900

The UVIKON 9XX Spectrophotometer is a true double-beam spectrophotometer With fixed slit width. The unit has a built-in keyboard and can be operated directly without a computer. An upgrade with new electronic components also allows you to use the state-of-the-art UVS control and evaluation software, which is also available in a 21CFR11 compliant version.
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HPLC Diode Array Detector 540

Diode Array Detector D540

The special polychromator design of the Diode Array Detector 540 with its temperature-independent ceramic housing provides the basic framework for utilising the high sensitivity of these detectors. A low drift specification is a pre-condition for effective exploitation of low noise specifications. The unit is controlled using the Geminyx software. It is also available as part of the 500 HPLC system with pump and autosampler.
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