Flowspek AG, Hegenheimerstrasse 4, 4055 Basel
Tel.: 061 695 9696, Fax.: 061 695 9697
E-mail: info@flowspek.ch

Service Support for Products from KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geraete GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Flowspek AG offers service support throughout Switzerland for all KNAUER HPLC products and Osmometers covering both spare parts and repairs.


Service Support for Products from Kontron Instruments or Biotek Instruments

Flowspek AG offers service support throughout Switzerland for all earlier HPLC and Spectroscopy instrumentation including software supplied by either Kontron Instruments or Biotek Instruments. For HPLC this support covers spare parts and repairs for the following equipment:

HPLC System 300 series
HPLC System 400 series
HPLC System 500 series
KromaSystem 2000 and earlier software packages


and for Spectroscopy this support covers the following range of equipment:

UVIKON 600 / 700 / 800 / 900 Series
SFM25 Spectrofluorometers
Upgrades for CFR21 Part 11 for UVIKON 900 Series


Service Support Contracts

We can offer a complete set of service options ranging from simple one-off repairs through to comprehensive service maintenance contracts. We are happy to assist you to find the optimum solution to your service needs.
In addition we also offer validation services for your equipment and systems, which can either be based on our normal validation procedures or customised to exactly suit your requirements.
Please contact us directly by telephone, 061 695 96 96, fax, 061 695 96 97 or E-Mail. We will then contact you to discuss how we can help with your requirements.