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Diode array technology has become more widespread as the need for secured quality control of results in spectrophotometry increases.
The TIDAS concept with modular design of light sources and spectrometer cassettes combined with flexible measurement capabilities permits combinations of individually configured systems for a huge variety of applications. The well proven fibre-optic technology allows measurements independent of the location of the sample. Precise and very fast electronic circuits make measurement times down as low as 0.5 milliseconds per spectrum a possibility.
A full range of accessories is also available to cover the complete range of UV/VIS/NIR application requirements.

top of pageTIDAS E for Research and Education


The instruments in the TIDAS E series have been developed by J&M especially for teaching and research applications. The Diode Array based technology instruments are fast, precise and universally applicable.
The TIDAS E Spectrometer series enables fast and efficient application of the Diode Array Spectrocopy. The TIDAS E series combine a detection system with an integrated light source, using the patented integrated cuvette holder and the option of the coupled external fibre optic. External accessories such as sample or filter changers are energised through control wires and triggers. Through LAN connections, the TIDAS E is efficiently integrated into the existing network or connected directly to the computer.

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These spectrometers combine modularity, flexibility, ease of use and high quality in one. Their broad capabilities are demonstrated by the wide variety of applications including:

The instrument can be combined with various sample cells. The use of certified optical fibres in combination with optimised measuring cells ensures reliable measurement results. Fluorescence or emission measurements are also possible alongside the more conventional measurement of transmission or reflections.
TIDAS S instruments are available in various configurations. Various light sources, e.g. deuterium, tungsten or xenon, also combined with monochromators, are available separately or integrated together with the spectrometer in a single housing. A broad range of spectroscopy modules covers the range from 190nm up to 2300nm. A coupling of spectrometers with different wavelength ranges is also possible and very sensitive single wavelength detectors, e.g. photomultipier tubes are also available.
The ceramic spectrometer chassis guarantees maximum stability and consistent measurement results both in laboratory and process applications.
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TIDAS S 200 PMT as single wavelength detector
TIDAS S 300 Spectrometer with NMOS as detector (256 pixel)
- 1939 wavelength range from 190nm - 400nm
- 1972 wavelength range from 190nm - 720nm
- 3011 wavelength range from 300nm - 1100nm
TIDAS S 500 Spectrometer with NMOS as detector (512 or 1024 pixel)
- 1961 wavelength range from 190nm - 610nm
- 1910 wavelength range from 190nm - 1010nm
- 3678 wavelength range from 360nm - 780 nm
TIDAS S 700 Spectrometer with back-thinned CCD as detector (1044 pixel)
- 2098 wavelength range from 190nm - 980nm
TIDAS S 900 Spectrometer with InGaAs as detector (256 pixel)
- 9617 wavelength range from 960nm - 1700nm
- 1121 wavelength range from 1100nm - 2100nm